CHFHS Students Work to Free Wrongly Imprisoned

Ashley Christian, Special to The Main Street Journal

On Monday, Dec. 12, 2011 the Student Humanitarian Organization, sponsored by Ms. White, worked with Amnesty International to complete the annual Write for Rights. The event helps to free unfairly imprisioned individuals by having students sign pre-written letters to ship to leaders of other countries askng for their release.
Last year Amnesty International helped to free 6 people due to their work. The event was held in the multipurpose room across from the cafeteria. Students would come into the multipurpose room where they were greeted by members, Amira Abadir and Ashley Christian. They would sign in and recieve detauils about the event and instructions. Then students will have the ability to visit tables with different case sheets or a synopsis of the person’s story. They would sign the letter, present it to another table where they would turn it in, and receive candy. The group says to have collected ove 1000 letters and thanks all of those that participated.