Academy of Finance Pinning Ceremony

Tram Nguyen, Editor-in-Chief

On December 16, 2011, the Academy of Finance Senior Pinning Ceremony was held in the multi-purpose room which was decorated in silver and blue and put together by the Academy of Finance (AoF)  Juniors and AoF Planning Committee.
The Master and Mistress of Ceremony opened the ceremony with thanks to the parents and staff for coming to celebrate such a special moment for the 32 seniors. After the presentation of colors by the CHFHS JROTC Color Guard and National Anthem sung by Gena Cheremond, AoF Coordinator, Mrs. Gladys Montgomery introduced the seniors of AoF. Proud parents watched silently as their children entered the multi-purpose in all black.
After the seniors were seated, Brianna Broadus, senior, shared her reflection and thanks.  Shortly after, Gena Cheremond sang a song followed by a touching speech by Mrs. Helena Noble-Jones.
Dressed in casual clothing, Mrs. Jones said with a smile on her face, “This is such a great program.”
She continued with words of encouragement towards the coordinators of the AoF program, seniors, as well as the seniors’ parents.
“There are so many people that believe in them… Our kids are being prepared for new heights,” she said.
Proudly, she looked at the seniors on her left and right and said, “I salute each and every one of you. You can tell the difference between the Academy of Finance students to the other students. They talk differently, walk differently, and dress differently and it’s all thanks to the Academy of Finance.”
The ceremony continued with Olusola Elemo introducing the guest speaker, Tiffany Harvey, former CHFHS AoF Graduate, Class of 2007. She shared her remarkable story of how it all began in the AoF program and how it helped her become who the person she is today. She gave out little study snacks for those who answered questions and gave helpful advice.
As she looked at the seniors, she said, “Promise me to come back and lead others. Always treat others right. You never know who they might be.”
A solo was done by Elizabeth Morafa, singing “This is My Now” shortly followed by the pinning ceremony. As each senior name was called by the Master and Mistress of Ceremony, Mr. Telsee, Mr. Roebuck, and Mr. Summers officially pinned the seniors. As they walked to receive their award of recognition, Mrs. Jones gave each of them a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
Seniors gathered around in a circle with a lit candle in their hand and said their pledge in unison. All at once, they blew out the candles, and teachers and parents applauded with joy. Mr. Summers made closing remarks and said, “I am very proud of these young people. Thank you parents for allowing us to teach your children.”
The whole room was filled with applauses as parents congratulated their child for officially graduating from the AoF program. Special thanks to Mrs. Jones, coordinators, seniors, and juniors of the Academy of Finance Program.