Kemi Ibrahim

Ah glorious love
The feeling
That one 
Can never truly feel
Bond to the right person
Love is a dangerous feeling 
On its own 
It can rip ones soul 
From their body 
Give them no reason 
To go on 
To live without 
Who ever feed it 
A hunger so deep
And demanding 
That you feel attached 
To that person 
You never let go 
You wake up 
And every bone 
In your body 
Is screaming 
For you to find
Your other half 
Your soul mate 
You can’t live without
This person 
Hunt them down 
When you find them
Let this person 
Out of your sight 
Don’t blink 
Don’t let go 
Turn around 
For even a second 
Your breathing becomes 
You stay with them 
And keeping them 
In the palm of your 
Precious hands 
You love it 
This feeling 
Of empowerment
You will make this person 
Come at your beck and call 
You with breath down 
Their neck 
To make them feel wanted 
Because they will 
Love your attention 
This becomes a cycle 
Every time you wake up 
Your mind tells you
Every morning 
You find your lover 
You shower them 
with attention 
You never leave their side 
Wake up 
Your mind hypnotizes you
Every minute 
To find your soul mate 
You cling to them 
And mentally chain yourself 
Wake up 
Your mind forces you 
Every waking second 
To find your other half 
You become clingy
Because that’s what 
They like right
You grasp on to 
That person 
You choke them 
They suffocate 
And both of you die
Because you can’t live 
Without your other half 
Because you’re obsessed