Kemi Ibrahim

Love, what is love? 
I bet we’d all like to know 
The concept seems quite lost 
Nothing but a trend to follow 
“I love you” they say 
Almost like a catch phrase 
Used to often, so quickly 
It’s nothing but a quick phase 
Love, what really is love?
It can’t jus be a one syllable word 
But in this generation 
it’s so commonly heard 
It’s said just to be said 
It’ should be said we emotion
It should come from the heart 
With passion 
And not from the head 
it’s not jus something you think 
yet its the source of so much thought 
and yes it’s an amazing feeling 
but pain it also brought 
but the love i sought 
was worth the pain i fought 
and the heartbreak within 
was for a lesson to be taught 
By: Laysia Cowart