A Successful Opening Night


Neima Belewa

On Friday, April 13, 2018, the Jaguar Players put on an amazing show for their audience! The show was filled with dancing, singing and bright costumes. They were seen having a good time and enjoying themselves!
Here are some details from the wonderful show:

  • Talented kids came from different schools to play the Jackson kids.
  • The Jaguar Player Boys got in touch with their inner Jacksons and performed their top hits.
  • They imitated zombie like personalities for Michael Jackson’s top hit, “Thriller”.
  • They showed how much they supported the Black Lives Matter Movement with “They Don’t Care About Us”.
  • They expressed their feelings about how the earth is being treated for Jackson’s, “Earth Song”.
  • They went back to Egypt to help people “Remember The Time”.
  • They even performed some of Janet Jackson’s songs, such as “Rhythm Nation”.
  • They even had a Michael Jackson impersonator dance to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”. The audience was convinced it was Michael back from the dead.