ASPIRE Internship

Tonea Epps

John Hopkins Hospital University Applied Physics laboratory has currently opened applications for the academic year session of the ASPIRE high school internship program through May 30th. The ASPIRE program takes on juniors and seniors that are at least 15 years of age. Juniors and seniors that have an interest in STEM are invited to apply for a technical internship in an area of interest. During the school year, it is recommended that students work with their school to receive credit for participating in the program and this provides the time needed to fully participate.  Students should speak to their guidance counselor or internship coordinator at their school for the options available to them. Students accepted to the program can come to John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory for a minimum of 5 hours a week or more depending on school requirements from September through the first week of May. Students will work on a technical STEM project with mentoring from an APL staff person mostly made in  computer science, mechanical engineering, software development, aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, and applied math.  Students must have reliable transportation and be willing to make a commitment to making the program a priority for the entire duration of the program. Here is a link to the application website: A link to the application is listed under ASPIRE Application Process. A completed application includes the online application, a signed counselor form, unofficial transcripts and two letters of recommendation. Come explore what STEM career’s look like first hand and develop important skills that will be useful in college and beyond!