Missile Strike! Bad For The U.S

Angel Ramos Linares

With President trump starting drama left and right it makes the U.S look bad, people in other countries believe that the United States is a place where racism still exists.
The White House had reached no final decision about whether to strike Syria, let alone, whether to target Russian assets within it when the president tweeted this pledge. But the president couldn’t abide a delay. In his view, it was better to bomb Syria without a strategy or legal authorization than to invite doubts about the credibility of the threats he makes on social media, But what he didn’t think was about the innocent people he has hurt, innocent people were hurt during the missile strike.
Women, Children, Innocent people were hurt in this missile strike, At least 40 people were killed in that assault, including families found in their homes and shelters.
Hours after the attack, the Army of Islam rebel group agreed to surrender the town and evacuate their fighters to rebel-held northern Syria, Syrian state media reported. The group also agreed to give up its prisoners, a key government demand. With Trump telling Russia that there will be many more to come this could be the start of WW3.