Flowers Uniform Policy

Jaia Ledbetter

Starting on April 23-27, the vote to not have a school uniform policy will take place at Charles Herbert Flowers High School.  First period teacher received a green survey form for students and parents to sign.
In SY 2015-2016, Charles Herbert Flowers adopted a uniform policy for all grade levels.  All students wear black pants and the shirts vary; ninth graders-white collared shirt, sophomore and junior wear a green collared shirt, and seniors wear a black collared shirt.  I agree with having a uniform policy but in my opinion this policy isn’t followed at all.
When Flowers was first opened, students were not required to wear uniforms; however, in 2005, a survey was constructed for parents and students about the uniform policy and subsequently, Flowers students were then required to wear a school uniform that consisted of grey pants and a white polo or oxford shirt.