Volunteers Need for Veterans Services Organization: AMVETS

Danielle Barnes

The AMVETS need some volunteers to help mail 1,400 DVDs out within two weeks time starting this week. They need a few students volunteers at the same time would be an ideal: 4-5 students x 2-3 hours x 3 days/week. They have 1,400 DVDs that need to be mailed and a handful of posters, all of which are on the 2nd floor. There are a few steps involved.
All DVDs are wrapped in plastic which needs to be removed. A color insert needs to be added to the inside left cover of the DVD case. The DVD needs to be placed in a bubble mailer and sealed. An address label (which will be sorted in zip code order) needs to be affixed to the mailer. It is imperative the labels stay in zip code order so we can receive a discount on the bulk mailing.
You can visit our website at http://amvets.org and http://amvetsnsf.org to see what we do and who we are. Please feel free to contact me for more information.
The address 4647 Forbes Blvd
Lanham, MD 20706