What’s Good in the Electronic Neighborhood

What’s Good in the Electronic Neighborhood

Meghan Brown, Staff Writer

It’s here again! The Annual Consumer Electronic Show, the largest technology convention that gives the world a heads up on what new technology we should look out for. This convention is closed off to the public but helps to generate a lot of anticipation on what’s coming out. The convention is a host to 2700 companies from 130 countries around the world. Although not all appliances eventually become available to the public, it is a good experience and helps engineers to know what to improve. This year the convention was in Las Vegas, Nevada and was the week of January 9, 2012. The event was a success with Panasonic, Nokia, House of Marley, and Will.I.Am in attendance,although Apple and Amazon weren’t present and Microsoft said that this year would be their final year at the conference.Here are some new things to look out for:

This years theme of the conference. The perfect device that can fit almost anywhere and get lost between the couch cushions.

  • The House of Marley’s Bag of Rhythm portable audio system for iPhone:

You can be like Radio Raheem from Do the Right Thing and walk around with a huge radio on your shoulders. This “audio system” comes with a shoulder strap, just in case your hands or arms get tired.

A tablet you can bring to the pool and “drop” in water and not have a mini heart attack because you think you just made an expensive item a huge paperweight.

  • Indestructible Cell Phone Case:

Finally, a phone case that might put all the “bulletproof” cases to shame. A case that is for all the clumsy people that drop their phones during the first week they got them.

  • Eer’s Custom Fitted Earphones

Earphones that are not Beats Audio by Dre but just might be the next best thing. They are earphones that you can customize to fit your ear. No more frustration to all the small ear people.