Is The AP Test Worth It?

Aderonke Adelegan

As many know, certain courses identified as AP classes are offered here at Charles Herbert Flowers High School. AP stands for Advanced Placement, and these courses are meant to be rigorous and to simulate the environment of a college class. Towards the end of these courses, students are given the opportunity to take a test, which tests how much they truly understand about the class/subject. The test is meant to substitute a college credit if students score a 4 or 5 on a scale of 1-5. This test, however, is not free and students who do not qualify for free or reduced lunch have to pay out of pocket for the test. One test sums up to about $90 and many students take more than one AP classes.  The bargain on whether or not the test is worth taking, is a risky one for students, especially for students who pay out of pocket. In order to take this test with hopes of passing, students usually study hard and try to make time for tutoring. For example, students who participated in the AP Biology test have been staying after school with one of the Biology teachers, Ms. LS. The problem with this test is that neither the teacher nor the student knows the content the test is on, or which topic will be more heavily focused on. This makes it especially difficult to properly prepare for the test. The question now lies, Is the test worth it? Students are unaware of the material that will be tested on the test, they bargain with their money, and with all that said, some colleges/universities don’t accept the test as a college credit replacement no matter how high the student scores.