The Multiverse Conspiracy Theory

Brittney Angu

Have you ever thought about what’s beyond this world? Well, many people believe that we live in a universe filled with different galaxies, stars, planets, solar systems, and many things that have yet to be discovered. Then the question pops up… “Do we really live in a universe? Is there anything beyond this solar system?” Is there another set of worlds out there that we don’t have the technology to see? Well, then there’s the multiverse. What do you think the multiverse is. Common sense tells you that there is more than one verse, meaning there are multiple universes. The multiverse is a theory created by  Andrei Linde, the Russian-American physicist that says our universe is constantly dividing, making new universes and he named it the multiverse. The best way I can explain this is using cell division. A cancer cell constantly divides uncontrollably, making new cells. That is kind of how the multiverse works. The one verse (universe) divides every time someone in that universe makes a decision. The universe divides with all of the possible outcomes of the options you had from the decision you made. For example, If I was trying to decide what I wanted to eat and my options were Chipotle and Chick-fil-A and I chose Chipotle, according to Andrei Linde, the universe splits and here on Earth, I am eating Chipotle but in another world (the divided universe), I would be eating the Chick-fil-A which was the other possible outcome of the decision that I made. There are about 7 billion people in the world that make about 1,000 decisions every day and for each decision made, the multiverse splits, over and over again. I honestly think this theory makes no sense at all but it did seem very interesting. These are pictures of what the multiverse is supposed to look like. Do you believe in the multiverse theory?