Blizzard BCRF Event


Jade Banks

From May 8th to the 21st, Blizzard will be conducting an event in one of its games Overwatch where players will be able to claim rewards such as a skin, sprays and icons for just a small price to charity. When I first saw the update, I was ecstatic that Blizzard was taking part in such a progressive cause in order to fight with those who are already battling strong. Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s main goal is to both prevent and eradicate breast cancer. Thank you BCRF and Blizzard for collaborating to come up with this event!

For the players

For those of you that haven’t claimed the skin or the other rewards, here’s how!
Mercy’s skin: In order to claim this skin, login to your Blizzard account, and if you haven’t seen it already there will be a pop up message on your screen notifying you of the skin  There should be a “Get the skin” or “Purchase” button. The skin does cost $15.00, BUT remember all the proceeds go to charity! (Its for a good cause 😉  )
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For the other rewards (aka sprays and a mercy icon!):
In order to get these next items you will need a twitch account. Twitch is a streaming video platform and they are a subsidiary of amazon. By linking your Blizzard account to your twitch account you can earn the sprays and icon. You get these by watching the designated streamer assigned to stream and collect donations for BCRF at that time. The schedules should be posted on either their itinerary or on the blizzard website.
*As many streamers will say to their viewers you do not have to make any type of donation in order to get these skins, HOWEVER you need to watch a collective of 6 hours to get all the rewards. And no you cannot just mute the stream and go about your day you will not receive rewards (or so it was said) if you just mute the stream. In order to get twitch emotes you need to make a bit donation to the streamer no matter how small and you should receive your emotes shortly please be patient!
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(favorite spray! More where that came from)
For more information click this link:
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P.S. Even if you don’t play mercy, you should still try to at least buy the skin. It’s cute.