No Mclovin’ for the McNuggets

Marquise McIlwaine, Extras Reporter

Micky D’S price increase
So maybe you are upset. I am too. I know you, as I have gone to McDonald’s with $3  in my pocket, anticipating some nuggets and some fries, looked at the menu and realized “AIN’T NO MCNUGGETS ON THE DOLLAR MENU!”
Due to price inflation in everything else, McDonald’s has decided they need to capitalize on the increase of consumer products. McDonald’s, who are corporately owned, have taken the McNuggets off the dollar menu.
Even after going to the McDonald’s website there is not much information on this change on their dollar menu, but if you wish to know more information here is the link:
But now that we have gotten the unpleasantries out the way, here is something to make you and your stomach smile….if it could smile. This link you will find a interactive game about McNuggets.
But just so we are clear, next time you go into McDonald’s remember to grab some change out the ashtray. You are going to need it.