HBCU vs. Diversity

Ariel Somerville, Seniors Editor

HBCU vs. Diversity
As a senior in high school, you may want to apply to a Historically Black College University (HBCU). However, if you have lived in Prince George’s County and the Metropolitan area for most of your life, you may feel like you need a change. So why apply to a HBCU?
Coming from a mostly African American high school such as Charles Herbert Flowers High School, diversity in college comes to mind. Many seniors have stressed the fact that they want to be in a more diverse environment and have a chance to interact with different ethnicities; while other seniors don’t feel that there is any need for change and don’t mind going to a mostly African American College/University.
There is nothing wrong with wanting to be in a more diverse environment. You may get an opportunity to get to know someone else’s culture and making them a lifelong friend. Staying in a less diverse area, you might find others that share the same interests as you, like the same music, and might be from the same area as you were.
There are many advantages and disadvantages of going to an HBCU, you just have to figure out if is right for you.
Don’t be afraid of change. Change happens in life and it will continue to happen during your life period.
If you are interested in applying to an HBCU, here are the top 5 HBCUs in the Country

  1. Spelman College
  2. Howard University
  3. Morehouse College
  4. Hampton University
  5. Tuskegee University