College Tours

Jimmy Edme

How to have an effective college tour/visit

  • Start planning early: As students get closer to their Senior year, they are faced with exploring potential Universities and Colleges to decide where they will continue their education. To lessen the stress of this decision, it is important to have family discussions about college with your child before they enter High School.
  • Visit College Campuses during the Summer: Trying to plan extended road trips to a list of various schools can often be burdensome. It’s easier to take time to visit campuses while on other trips or vacations.
  • Take Virtual Tours: Some colleges may be too far for students to visit. To allow students the opportunity to experience these tours, eCampus Tours are now available. They allow students to explore campuses from the comfort of their homes.
  • Talk to Students on Campus: Sometimes the Tour Guides don’t always tell you everything about the schools culture. It’s easier to talk to enrolled students on campus to fully understand the true culture of the school.
  • Explore Academic Departments: Along with feeling comfortable with the campus environment, it’s important to explore academic departments that interest you and make sure you feel comfortable. Talk to professors or sit in during a class lectures to get a feel for the program and to inform yourself of opportunities that will be available to you.
  • Ask about Campus Safety: Safety on campus is an important factor to consider when visiting colleges. It is important to know you’ll be safe on your own campus, so ask about the campus safety policies and research the history on campus incidents.
  • Get Financial Aid information: It is important to know your financial opportunities when it comes to choosing what school is best for you.
  • Document your visit: It’s important to take notes and pictures so you can compare the various colleges you’ve visited. It will help when making your final decision.