Milk & Honey Cafe: Restauraunt Review

Milk & Honey Cafe: Restauraunt Review

Alexis Jefferson

“We didn’t create brunch…we just perfected it.”-Milk & Honey
The Milk & Honey Cafe is a family-friendly individual chain restaurant with two locations in Maryland: College Park and Bowie. The College Park location opened on Thursday July 5, 2018, replacing the Beltsville location.
I was introduced to this restaurant by my Aunt and the first time I went was when the Beltsville location was up and running. On this first-time visit I ordered the “‘basic’ french toast,” scrambled eggs with cheese, and their highly acclaimed strawberry shortcake deep fried biscuits which I split with my family.
The food looked delicious and tasted even more so. I remember being full by the fifth bite because of how filling the food was, it reminded me of southern cooking, rich and flavorful. The strawberry shortcake deep fried biscuits were not what I envisioned, as the strawberries are only on top of the biscuits not inside, but they were enjoyable, and my brothers loved them.
Now more recently I visited the College Park location, which is a more attractive setting than the Beltsville location. I was shocked to see that some parts of the menu were changed. For example, the “‘basic’ french toast” had been changed to “One Slice of Basic French Toast” and the “‘basic’ pancakes” is now “One BIG Ol’ Pancake.” With that said, my brother and I ordered the newer versions of both menu items and the only difference between them is instead of receiving multiple french toasts/pancakes you are given one large french toast/pancake. Personally, I believe this change was unnecessary but the quality and taste are the same so it isn’t a problem.
However, the one issue I have with this establishment is the wait time. Milk & Honey has a list of “House Rules” and one of them is that you cannot make reservations and there are no waiting areas inside. So if you come when the restaurant is very busy you will face a long wait and you’ll have to find somewhere to wait. One customer that I met, Marshia Sandy, agreed with this as she stated that “the wait time was long,” but she counteracted this with saying that “the food is delicious,” and I would have to agree.
The Milk & Honey Cafe is an unconventional restaurant with food that makes you feel at home. So if you’re looking for a new place to eat or if you’re ever in the mood to have brunch, I encourage you to visit this restaurant.
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“One Slice of Basic French Toast”

“‘Basic’ French Toast” – no longer available

“Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Croissant”

“Deep Fried Salmon Hash”

“Lobster & Grits”