What Is Life

Sophianne N.

What is life?
Life is unexpected
Life is a mystery
Life is too challenging for people
So tell me
What I need to do
They say
You are too shy
They say people will use you
If you stay like this
They don’t know that comments hurt
That everything people say to me
I take it to heart

They will never see me as I see myself
A quiet introvert that hates drama
A girl who just want to be kind to everyone
A girl who battles her own inner demons
A girl who is sensitive and hates to talk
Because people would say she speaks too quiet or too loud
A girl who is afraid to be herself

She asks herself
“When will I ever be enough”
“When will I prove people wrong”

She is the girl who sits in class
Listening to everyone respectfully  
Always kind and compassionate
She is the girl who tries to know people
From within
But she is also the girl
Who is
Scared to speak up
Because of her past
Scared to ask for help
Because she doesn’t want to hold the class back
Scared to make new friends
Because it never lasts

All because people don’t see her for her
They just judge from the outside
But never from the inside
But that’s just how society is
They make you judge people
By how they look like

But society will never understand
That people are complex
People only choose to
Show you certain parts of themselves
Because they are scared to be themselves
But that is just how society is

They form you into a person
You don’t realize
’till it’s too late
To go back to
Once upon a time