The Mass Shooting Problem in the US


Jade Banks

Within the United States there was collectively 18 of the deadliest mass shootings in the past 10 years in the US. Currently there are no actions being taken to properly prevent mass shootings except words of mouths to those who have lost precious life through the reckless and selfish actions of others. In a sense stricter gun control laws can help reduce the chance of a mass shooting from occuring. However stricter gun laws will not fully prevent mass shootings from occuring. I think that in order to prevent these types of situations from occuring again there should be a mental health test every current gun owner, and those seeking to own a firearm should undergo in order to prevent another massacre from happening. In cases of mass shootings, such as the ones that committed the mass school shootings in Florida and Columbine, there are signs to prevent this from happening whether its a twitter post, video or youtube comment there are always signs for prevention. Advocating for stricter gun laws is a step in the right direction as well as assigning trained officials to handle situations like these accordingly to protect those that are threatened by these acts every day.