Kalief Browder

Anuoluwapo Adepegba

Yesterday, June 6, 2018, was the three year death anniversary of Kalief Browder. He was a young African American man that was convicted at the age of 16 for the theft of a backpack full of valuable possessions.
Rather than being sent to a juvenile detention center, he was charged as an adult and sent to a New York State Prison without being given a trial that our  Sixth Amendment advocates for. While in prison, he was mentally and physically abused. He spent four-hundred days in solitary confinement and eventually developed schizophrenia. When his charges were randomly dismissed, he wanted the judge to acknowledge that he was wrongfully convicted. He was never given this acknowledgment. Suffering from various mental health disorder, such as schizophrenia and depression, combined with him missing out on his teenage years, led to him committing suicide at the age of 22.
There is an issue within our criminal justice system that has existed for decades. They continue to racially profile minorities, including the youth. We must change our policies and officials within politics in order to produce a real change to avoid incidents such as this.