Making Quick Money

Brittney Angu

So this summer, I already know that people want that money. But how do you get that money? How do you save that money? And how should you spend that money? Those are three questions and I have three answers. Stay tuned…


Getting money sounds so hard but yet so easy. If you want to get money this summer then honestly, you should keep reading. Easy ways to get money consists of working, selling and social media promotion. When I say working, I don’t necessarily mean get a job. Work can mean asking a neighbor to walk their dog for some cash. Work can mean cutting a neighbor’s lawn, babysitting, and doing chores around the house. Selling has to be one of the easiest ways to get you some money. Look in your room and sort out all of the old clothing items, shoes and anything that you dont want or use to be honest. Find a selling platform such as Mercari, Amazon and or Ebay, make an account and start selling! its quick and easy money. Selling candy and homemade snacks like brownies also is a way that you can make money. Social media promotion can also get you money. Make a youtube channel and start making videos, once you reach 1,000 subscribers you can start making some cash by adding advertisements on your videos. Or for females that buy bundles, most companies pay to do reviews on their hair. I hope these few tips help your wallet grow.