Death of Love Undone -Poem

Neima Belewa and Victor Nwogu

Roses are red
Violets are blue
My heart is cold
And empty too
I lost the one who meant the most
All because of some petty hoes
Heartache, heart sad
Think I might go mad
Our love was like an eclipse
Never meant to last
A blast from the past
Came with an unholy wrath
Seeking to destroy and avenge
Struck my love like lightning, so quick and so fast
Splitting it like a tree
Killing my love before making its leave
If I had one wish
I’d wish for something raw
The death of love undone
The likes of which the world never saw
To light a fire that’ll consume all
Neither big nor small
My love is like raging inferno
shining brighter than the sun
Wishing the death of love undone