Weather and its impacts on School Events

Langmia Junior

Talking  about weather we all know it is the state of the atmosphere at a place and time as regards heat, dryness, sunshine, wind, rain, etc. Dwelling on school events, it is admitted as something that take place. Therefore “Weather and its impacts on school events” get expanded as the state of the atmosphere at a place and time impacting something that happens at the same place and the same time. Weather could impact school events positively and negatively. “Every disappointment is a blessing”. Weather could impact school events in Homecoming parties, fundraising and outdoor games.
One impact of weather on school events is the effect of rainfall which prevent students from attending school parties such as homecoming party. Some students tend not to attend school parties when rain falls either because the footpath become slippery for those who walk or the inability for the guidance who do not drive when its rainy. This tends to disrupts school events.Secondly, school events could be impacted by weather in case of snow and intense rainfall causing the sales of coffee. “Every disappointment is a blessing”. Although cold weathers prevents a lot of acalso tivities, it promotes some school events such as fundraising which is done by selling coffee at the beginning of a rainy day . At this moment coffee or tea becomes a necessity for most individuals.Again, weather impacts school events in case of over cold or overhot weather conditions which prevent outdoor games from holding. School events such as outdoor games get interrupted  when there is over cold or overheat. For example a soccer game has been scheduled for friday but friday turns to be cold so the game either gets postponed or cancelled.
As we can see weather and its impacts on school events could either be positive or negative as elaborated in the previous paragraphs to claim that in every disappointment there is an appointment. We all should always find a tangible output out of an intangible input and explained by nature.