Flowers High School energy audit.

Langmia Junior

My school is Charles Herbert Flowers High School.
When dealing with energy projects, some questions must be recognised ;
1)What are the sources of energy for your school?
-The three possible sources of my school are electricity,gas and perhaps water.
2)what is the source of electricity?
-BGE(Baltimore Gas Electric).
3)How reliable are your school energy resources?
-Very reliable?
4)Is the facility weatherized to prevent the leaking hot/cold air?
5) Is there any insulation? How much?
-Yes, according to me about 75%.
6)If there are any boilers or furnaces are they in good working order and burning efficiently
-yes, two boiler vessels.
7)Is the heating and cooling system efficient?could it be improved? How?
-yes, just that some air conditioners have failed . i don’t think it could be improved but if necessary there is need to conserve it either by closing doors and avoiding destruction.
8)if anything were to disrupt the current energy supply, how could the school adapt to meet its energy needs
-The school has a backup or emergency generator which in case of emergency gives about 20% of electricity to the school.