Fun things to do this summer

Kennedi Young

I know everyone has been waiting for summer, now it’s finally here! Everyone is trying to find fun stuff to do this summer with their friends and family, here are some ideas free and costly:

Go to the beach(free): If you have any friends that drive or have parents willing to take you, ask them! This is something fun if you find the right group to go with.
Movie night: Invite friends over and rent a movie or just have a throw back movie night with movies you’ve already bought, pop some popcorn, have a seat and enjoy.
Have a kickback: Invite your fun friends over, buy snacks, play music and enjoy the company of friends.
Go to the pool: We all know it’s going to be hot, why not take a dip? Enjoy the pool with family and friends.
These are a few things you can do to make your boring summer just a little bit better!
However, don’t forget your educational responsibilities as well.