Where are you headed next…

Vanessa Roachè

Rising Seniors & Juniors,
Your days at flowers are now numbered. Soon you will be walking across the stage to receive a diploma. This piece of paper symbolizes the graduation of your four years from hard work, late nights, high anxiety levels, overrated stress, and pain. But what will you do next? Do you want to go straight to college, or just simply go into a trade? These are valid questions to ask yourself. It’s never too early to think of your career. Knowing what you want to do after high-school will make life much easier. JUNIORS, comprise a list of all the colleges you want to attend. This is very helpful. However, college isn’t for everyone. So don’t stress over it if you really don’t want to go.
Utilize this summer break to go on college tours and trips. They are fun and informative, especially when you venture out of state. If not, grab a couple of friends and visit Morgan or Bowie University. Even if you do not plan on going to these particular colleges, the administrators there can inform you on the application process. Do your research online. There are many options for you out there. Make a promise to yourself to do something after high-school. Whether its working in your chose of career or going to college, make a promise to better yourself.