Jaguars Crushes Patterson on Season Opener!


Terrence Brantley

On Friday, August 31st, the CH Flowers Jaguars football team hosted the Patterson Clippers for the 2018-19 Season opener! The Jaguars have big goals for this season and this is the start of their road to states. It was a set up to be a big event with Howard University’s band coming to perform at halftime.

The Jaguars scored first with a 16-yard run by junior running back Tristan Shannon negating a special teams turnover at the start of the game. The Jaguars kept the scoring up with a 25 yard touchdown pass from seniors Julius Duvall to Daniel Buchanan.
With 8:47 to go in the second quarter the game was halted because of lightning causing the teams to go into shelter and fans to evacuate. The game was delayed for abou 35 minutes then teams came out to warm up for the continuation of the game. The rain never left but the fans and Howard’s band did when the Jags returned the audience had shrunken significantly. Tristan Shannon would score twice more before the game was called and postponed until the next day at 2pm, with a score of 28-6 in the third quarter.
The next day play resumed with 2:06 in the third quarter. Jaguars picked up right where they left off with a touchdown by senior Zebadiah Suku, just six plays after play resumed. The Jaguars would finish off Patterson with a 8 yard touchdown by Junior Matthew Sorrey. The final score was 42-12 and a great way to start the season off!
“The line was blocking so I got in the open field easily and after that it was just what we practice everyday”, Shannon answered when asked about his 3 rushing touchdown performance. “The O-line and I plan on a 1000+ yard rushing season and minimum 10 rushing touchdowns.” Well, good luck Tristan and Jaguars! Go Jags!