Overloaded Class of 2022


Vanessa Roache`

As we start the 2018-19 school year, we welcome all incoming freshmen. However, I feel as though Flowers administrators were too welcoming.
The freshman class of 2022 has a total of around 400 students. Making classes around the school even more overcrowded. Overcrowded to the point where freshmen are being accidentally placed in 11th and 12th grade classes. The average class size based on 15 classes at our school surveyed is around 39 students. This is ridiculous. Most of the classes surveyed weren’t even electives, they were actual graduation requirement classes. This is actually bad, this makes it much more challenging for students to learn and actually pass the mandatory class. Out of the classes surveyed, the most populated classes were Math and English classes. Even in my AP English class (Mr.Pettigrew 2A), we have so many students, whereas we aren’t able to have a class set of books. My algebra 2 class (Ms.Minnis 3A) is maxed out totaling 40 students.
This overload of freshman puts Flowers population at around 2,300 students. Making the teacher to student ratio even more imposing than before. The overflow of students in general is causing classes to become heavily populated. Honors and AP classes are being filled with students who didn’t intend to take that class. On the first day of my AP World history class, Mr.Rogers asked us “Is there anyone here that was just randomly placed in here?” Quite a few hands were raised. Thankfully, my class isn’t over populated, class size of around 25. As you can see due to the over population of students, many people are being placed in classes they didn’t sign up for.