Flowers Football Dominates Roosevelt in a Game of Redemption!


Terrence Brantley

Last season, the Jaguars were beaten in the playoffs by the Roosevelt Raiders. The score was 34-7, and that ended the Jaguars’ perfect season. So, without a doubt the Jaguars were coming into this game with revenge on their minds.
On Friday, September 14,2018, the CH Flowers Jaguars football team traveled to Greenbelt, MD to take on the Eleanor Roosevelt Raiders. This was the PG county game of the week and had news coverage from almost everyone in the area.
The Jaguars started off a little dull with two turnovers on their first two possessions. But the Jaguars swarming defense was causing trouble all night for the Raiders. The Jaguars’ defensive line applied pressure to the ball carriers, allowing the rest of the defense to flow to the ball with speed and aggression. Eventually, the Jaguars’ offense picked up speed with a touchdown pass from senior quarterback Julius Duvall to Daniel Buchanan to put the Jags up 6-0. Duvall would follow this up with another touchdown pass to Jordan Washington to increase their lead to 12-0. After a sack fumble and recovery by Tizlam Muhammad and Devin Sanders. The Jaguars scored a touchdown on 4th goal on a QB sneak by Julius Duvall. The Jaguars kept the scoring going with touchdown runs by Mekhi Williams and Breaun Roderique. The final score was 40-0, a dominant performance by the Jaguars and they definitely avenged the loss from the post season.
I caught up with Devin Sanders, senior defensive end and asked him some questions about the team.
Reporter: “How did you and the defense have such a dominating performance?”
Devin Sanders: “We studied our mistakes from our last game and followed their tendencies, and we were able to react fast.”
Reporter: “What are your goals for the rest of the season?”
Devin Sanders: “My goals for the season are state championship, becoming a better leader and earn more scholarships.”
This was a great win for the Jaguars and another step on their quest for a state championship ring! Go Jags!