Camille Burrell

I desire so many things. I think all of us have something that we desire. Desiring is what makes a lot of us go on in life. It’s our motivation. Without desiring things in life I don’t think I would see any purpose with my life. I desire learning. I love learning things about the history of earth, man and the unknowns of life.
I am a artist therefore I desire to one day create art that stands out. I desire to one day be surrounded by a bunch of loyal, loving cats and dogs (I know that sounds like a lonely life but that is what would make me happy, it’s my desire).
I desire to one day have someone who will love my crazy, emotional, complex and weird personality. I think we all desire a life where we will be surrounded by things we love and/or people we love who reciprocate the love.
Finally, I desire to one day have watched almost every movie, anime and tv show genre I love (yes I’m a geek but once again, it is what makes me happy).
I cannot and will not die before achieving my desires.