Senior Nadiyah Williams Featured in Black Girls, Bodies, and Bias


Nadiyah Williams

Towards the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer time, I was given this amazing experience to be apart of the Women’s Law Center article ” Dress Coded: Black Girls, Bodies and Bias in D.C. Schools.  I am one out of  21 co authors for this article. Creating the article was a lot of fun over the past months it was all about gathering evidence and quotes on how black girls get treated un fairly when it comes down to dress code rules. The Women Law center decided to create this article because they have noticed that many black girls all over the DC metropolitan area was loosing out on class time because of the clothing they where wearing. When the article was finally created and all typed up all of the co-authors including me had a mini photoshoot wearing all items that are considered “distracting” or “Inappropriate” for school so when people are reading our article they can see some of the silly pieces that have us missing out on class time. Although the article has been published for a couple of months now my co-author expiernce is not over. Literally two weeks ago I was given the opportunity to be on a panel in front of George Town College students answering questions about the experience of me being a co-author in the article Dress Coded and on Wednesday I was invited to attend the Nationals Woman Law Center Annual Gala. I am very thankful for the opportunity I was given to be a Co-author although it was a lot of work, creating this article was really fun and I can’t wait to be apart of more projects like this in the future.