Camille Abdulla

“The starting point of all achievement is desire” – Napoleon Hill
Many kids don’t have a clue what they desire trust me when Ms.Whitworth put this freewrite topic up everyone in the room started to ramble and question this topic but I’d like to say I’m different I’m pretty keen in what I desire. Clear and consisly I desire peace, happiness and success, I desire a path. I’m a typical lost teen I thought by this age I’d have direction in life or atleast my career path but I’m not there at all, I’m lost. I’m stressed with school, work, and expectations I feel I have to meet and also, requirements I need to fulfill and it has over taken me, stressed me and sometimes depressed me. At 16 I have to make choices that can potentially impact my entire life when honestly who really has a clue, I desire a clue, I desire peace. I desire for a moment where my mind isn’t racing or worrying about my future every moment and worrying about failing, I desire just a moment of success to see what life is like without the pressure I know every teen must feel or atleast I hope I’m not the only one.