Jaguars Explore Bulldog Campus


Professor Whitworth

On Wednesday, October 31st, 2018, 90 Jaguars students visited Bowie State University Campus to explore the campus and experience all the advantages of going to a in-state school.
College Summit educator Vondell Waldron is a graduate from Bowie and felt it was his duty to show students this hidden treasure located in Prince George’s County.  ‘The Campus was the main reason why I chose to attend.”

Senior Evan Eubanks, stated he is considering Bowie because the campus is small and it feels like a family environment.
On the tour the group ran into Sophomore Tavia Green and class of 2017 Jaguars she states, “Bowie State is a very loving and welcoming school. It is  fun but you have to remember to stay in your books.”

Junior Dovin Webb, stated “I wanted to buy a Bulldog jacket but it was $102 a little too much” ; “I want to go here and turn it into a Division I school.”
Overall students enjoyed the tour and most would consider attending now that they have experienced what the campus is like”