MeechOnMars Goes to Howard

Jenye Stanley

On Thursday November 1st, influencer MeechOnMars, formally known as Demetrius Harmon, visited Howard University in Washington, DC. He tweeted out on Twitter to his 1M+ fans saying, “I know y’all [students] got class and allat but @ around 1 ima be infront of founders per usual just come through and get a hug. I got on a howard dad crewneck w/ pink hair. I have to leave @ 2”

Tweeted from @DemetriusHarmon from Twitter.

Roughly around 30 to 50 people showed up, in excitement to see Harmon. Some cried and broke down in disbelief that their “savior” was in their presence. They all crowded around Harmon ready to get a hug and tell their personal stories directly to him, to thank him for how much his words has helped them. I had my sister go and get my hug for me and take pictures. This isn’t the first time he has been visiting places at random and hugging his adoring fans. He has probably done more than 30 at random events.
Taken by Janee Stanley
Harmon hugging his fans.

I, Jenye Stanley, have been a huge fan of Harmon and everything he has done. From donating 20k breast cancer originations and schools from his hometown. He had become famous from social media but his influence not only in Vine and funny Instagram videos. He has become a huge staple in mental health. From talking about his own experience when dealt with depression and self-harm. He makes a lot of people feel like it’s okay to feel not okay and that they are going get through it, using hisself as an example. He has even produced hugs indirectly through selling really comfortable hoodies. I should know because I have one. The hoodies have printed on the chest “You Matter.”, “I feel weak” on one wrist and “But I know I’m strong” on the other. When customers receive the hoodie they are given a card that reads,
“Please never forget that You Matter.
Wear this hoodie when you doubt your strength,
when you want to give up,
when you need a hug,
when you need reassurance.
As long as you have me and this hoodie,
you’re never alone.
Demetrius Harmon”
I see him as the future of mental health for teenagers going through hard times. He has influenced many and I encourage others to look to him as an option when they need some reassurance.