A Busy Saturday Morning at the Mecca


Professor Whitworth assist with assigning students to testing sites.

Ahmir Sellers

Students receiving information from colleges

On November 3, 2018, students, juniors and seniors woke up early in the morning to take their SAT. Students came up to Charles Herbert Flowers High School at 7:45 AM prepared to take their test. Students went to their assigned room number which was given from administrators. As students entered their testing site, they removed all distractions such as phones, bags, and outside food/drinks. It is imperative that students do their best and score real high on their SAT.
Also, there was a college fair happening right after testing. Students got information from  colleges, the requirements you need to get in certain schools, and there were also places that were hiring which give students a chance to get a job. All of these are good opportunities for students.