How to get put in ISS(In School Suspension)

Ms. Mabane and Dyllan Okunola

Ever wanted how to get put in ISS? Well here’s how I got put into in school suspension. November 8, 2018 approximately 10:10 I got caught in the hallway by the Principal Mr. Brown. Here’s how it went down, I was walking in the hallway with a couple of friends and we got word that Brown was around the hallway that we were about to go to. So we all turned around and went the other way but before we could get to the corner it was too late. Brown caught us and told us all to stop. Me on the other hand decided to run instead. As I ran away Brown said “You 6’5 I will catch you” and I continued to run! This is what ended me up in ISS because they were searching for me and called me on the announcement. I know you maybe wondering does it affect how you behave and does it help at all? Well yes, it does help. It allows you to think about your actions and what it is you did wrong. Do not get into a situation that would land you in in school suspension.