Living in Darkness

Alisha Georges

What does it mean to be living in the darkness?
It means that you live under someone else who has a house, but you do not have a say in any situation unless included in the rules that they had made.
Can you understand that we do not live in a free, F-R-E-E, country as they say we do? We are under an extreme amount of pressure to be living in a county that hardly cares about you and your family. They mostly care about the money is bringing them their income.
The American kids can see that you are going to be a stressed adult dealing with student loans, biking for your home/apartment, working a 9-5 job, having kids (and providing their needs), and much more.
It is not the best living in America because you can always be shot either today or tomorrow, and all they can do is say sorry for your loss to your loved ones and maybe get a check that can’t bring you back. It’s not a free county.