Being given a presumption in America

Ahmed Shaban

What does it mean to be given an presumption in America?
To be black in America means I got one strike they would throw a man away. Kid of color sleeping on the street for the past few days they bagged him with a knife that he used for protection. Now he’s a threat. He’s just a child some say, but the man in blue told the press he was trying to protect himself. Thats the excuse these days to be black in America is being held to a standard that they will hold you to it’s with forcible struggles. The system was made to be finessed. Show them you are strong get up and go get a job show them we are more then what they believe. Being black in America showed me I was a threat all of a sudden. Now I have to adapt to the new or get left behind. Some people think blacks are poor and they rob and steal for fun, whole time, some of us make six figures a year. They set limits on you cause they know what your capable of.