Weekly Horoscopes

Weekly Horoscopes

Kayla Richards, Staff Writer

Aries- The season is soon going to be a hot one and you will like to fit in, so get to the gym and get that body right.

Taurus- Its time to go shopping for summer and you would need to get a new wardrobe. Feel the breeze and enjoy the flowers, but don’t get carried away!

Gemini- You may feel as if you’re not ready for the summer but just relax and take everything step by step.

Cancer– Having a lot to get ready for could be little overwhelming. Talk everything out with someone close to you because it might help in the long run.

Leo– This summer will be your best. You know why ? Everything will happen how you wanted it to happen. Plan your days ahead of time!

Virgo- It will be a lot going on this spring break, but remember to just stay true to yourself and have fun! Your friends will really help you through this rough time if you let them.
Libra- Get up and get out! This is your time to shine with your new fits your parents bought you. Have it up and just be care free, as long as you think carefully before you do.
Scorpio- Spring is here and you’re not ready. What will you do? Stay calm and collective, everything will be okay! Go outside and get some fresh air so you could cool down.
Sagittarius– Don’t do too much this spring break because you wouldn’t have anything to do during summer! Do a little but think about a lot.
Capricorn– You stay worrying about a lot, but that’s just in your blood. This spring, get some rest but still be a party gal/boy and let lose. Have Fun!
Aquarius– Make sure before you go anywhere, clean your room. Your days will go by so much smoother. Don’t let your parents yell at you.
Pisces– If you want to chill, don’t go all out and mess up your relationship. Think about others but out yourself first because that’s what everyone else would do