Ladae Green

There are so many things that we can feel.
But does it necessarily mean that they are real?
We walk, talk, and play.
We are skinny, thick, tall, short, and different in every other which way.
But who are you?
Are you real?
Are you unique and things to forefeel?
Barbie and ken they do exist but they don’t move.
If you act as them your future won’t be as smooth.
Being real is the only way to get through this cruel world.
Especially if your in the shoes of a girl.
Now let me touch on something a little different.
The image of this generation of a body that’s “perfect”.
When you lose the opportunity of being real and who you truly are.
Is when you sit in that doctors office and let them go too far.
We change our hair color to fit the image and even the color of our eyes.
To just find out it made us a joke and fitting in was just a bunch of lies.
We get things bigger and more defined.
To walk out and be confident and get declined.
We go as far as part removal to feel accepted.
And we do it to just be rejected.
Are we living in a real world?
Nope…it’s all just plastic.