Marching band plays at playoff football game

Jordan Gabriel

Despite the freezing cold weather the Charles Herbert Flowers Black and Green Marching Machine was still able to put on an amazing show at the Flowers vs. Wise play off game on Friday night November 16. The band was wise was also there and the two bands with back and forth playing different versions of HBCU classic songs like neck, big ballin, 400 etc. After both bands played neck back and forth multiple times. Flowers band yelled over at wise and said “Hey wise, this is how you play it” and proceeded to play neck once again. Unable to think of a comeback, the wise band left the stands before the game was over. Flowers played “walk it like I talk it” as the band walked away. Even though the football team did not win it was a triumphant day for the Charles Herbert Flowers High School Marching band. At the the end of the game the best band was left standing.