Astroworld Review

Jason Credle Jr.

 Travis Scott’s third album is arguably one of his strongest to date. His skill as a curator helps create a psychedelic world with amazing production and unique sounds at every turn.
Rating: 9.1/10 (Best Album of the Year)
The entire album is amazing. One thing that the album does well is to be very diverse. Travis Scott is not afraid to use the infamous auto-tuned syncs and vocals he is known for on one track and switch up his style on another song. To decode the brilliance of Astroworld in a world of full of similar pop-hop records requires an ear for production. It’s the killer 808 throbs of ‘Sicko Mode’ and the loud bass on ‘Who? What!’ which will leave venues lit across the world this year. It’s the balance of bangers with the charming lull of ‘Yosemite’ or the easy-street bounce of ‘Coffee Bean.’ It’s the beat switch midway through ‘Stargazing’ that, despite changing key and tempo, feels inexplicably perfect, like intergalactic channel surfing. It’s his hypnotic use of melodic semitones throughout the beaming Tame Impala–produced interlude, ‘Skeletons.’ AstroWorld shows off how talented Travis Scott is and how he lives up to the hype. The album has a diverse sound and he is able to bring some of the best artists in the music scene together to make the best music. Travis unquestionably has the talent to knock out prototypical classic projects.
Track 1: STARGAZING – 10/10 Amazing song, one of the best on the album. That beat switch gives me chills, great how they mixed roller coaster sounds into it.
Track 2: CAROUSEL – 10/10 I dig Frank’s vocals but honestly, this beat carried the song.
Track 3: SICKO MODE – 10/10 Pretty solid track, Drake has a nice feature, but why did it have to be like a Frankenstein combination of 3 different songs?
Track 4: R.I.P. SCREW – 10/10 I like the spacey vibe of this song, Travis demonstrates his wide vocal range, which is cool. What was Swae Lee’s feature on this song? GREAT!
Track 5: STOP TRYING TO BE GOD – 10/10 This is a weird one and I love it. It’s unusual for Travis to have songs that are focused on personal takes and opinions, so this was a welcome surprise. Stevie Wonder’s harmonica playing adds this extra eerie feeling to the track. The last 2 minutes are spooky.
Track 6: NO BYSTANDERS – 8.5/10 Entertaining, but I expected the track that’s named after his logo to be a little harder hitting. Hearing JuiceWRLD on a Travis song is cool but he just sounds out of his league here.
Track 7: SKELETONS – 9/10 Aaaaahhhhh this Tame Impala production is freaking awesome, we need a Travis Impala album as soon as possible. Weeknd has a cool little feature. My only problem with this song is there is no real structure to it.
Track 8: WAKE UP – 8.5/10 Weeknd sounds corny on here, I don’t know why. The beat is underwhelming at first but gradually evolves into something more beautiful. Again, it’s cool to hear Travis’ vocal range.
Track 9: 5% TINT – 10/10 This beat is so weird, it’s interesting to hear Trav talk about being paranoid, which is a side of him that he never shows. That Kevin Hart line is hilarious. The last minute of this song is one of the most beautiful moments on the album.
Track 10: NC-17 – 10/10 BANGER ALERT BANGER ALERT I love Travis’ high pitched vocals here. That piano is ghostly, and 21 Savage delivers an awesome verse. “Nutted on her cheek, her new nickname is Baby Face”, holy crap.
Track 11: ASTROTHUNDER – 10/10 This really feels like Impossible Part 2. It’s like if Impossible was a little more fun. Really spacey production, personal lyrics, just a great track overall. [
Track 12: YOSEMITE – 7.5/10 Beat is cool, but Gunna is just really underwhelming to me. Travis sounds asleep for most of the song and NAV is trash on this.
Track 13: CAN’T SAY – 10/10 Very catchy hook, Don Toliver gives a legitimately good vocal performance here. Other than that this just sounds like any other trap banger you could find on the charts right now.
Track 14: WHO? WHAT! – 5/10 Scary track and Migos are terrible.
Track 15: BUTTERFLY EFFECT – 7.5/10 Why is this on the album?
Track 16: HOUSTONFORNICATION – 10/10 Ever since I heard the snippet I prayed this would make it on the album, and I’m glad it did, but in the context of the project it just really blends in. Sounds like a standard trap banger, the only thing that sets it apart is the eerie background melody. Really feels like a theme park being is being shut down.
Track 17: COFFEE BEAN – 10/10 Personally, this is my favorite song on the album. The groovy production is just great and Trav matches it perfectly with some really personal bars (WITHOUT AUTOTUNE!!) about how people perceive him and Kylie Jenner’s relationship. I wish there were more songs like this one on the album, and I wish Travis showed off his lyrical ability more often.