PGFD C.H.Flowers Fire Cadet Program

Tristan Shannon, Matthew Sorey, and Denaij Rose.

The Fire Cadet program at Charles Herbert Flowers is a special program that provides unique opportunities to select students for the future. Many people do not know the program’s details, or what the program is like, so I went to interview a fire cadet to receive information about the program myself.
Fire Cadet Denaij Rose says, “I’ve learned new things that I never expected to learn; learning how to become a firefighter.” The purpose of the program is to train and provide students with the knowledge to become firefighters after their graduation. The training within the program takes place either at CHFHS, or at the Training Academy in Cheltenham, Maryland.
A few important aspects of the fire cadet program is that students learn responsibilities, and the punishment is harsh workouts. The program helps you stay in shape, which is important for a firefighter as they move in heavy equipment, as well as handle heavy objects. The Cadets also examine live fires that firefighters experience. Rose says, “The hardest part of the program is the written midterms, but the program is fun and gives me an early start on what I want to do in the future; because this is my backup plan.”