Fate Free Write

Jordan Gabriel

I definitely believe in fate. Everybody that comes into our lives comes for a reason. Fate decides who comes in our lives and we decide who stays.  Some people come to hurt and others come to heal. Those that come to hurt came for a reason it was to make you stronger. Those that come to heal came for a reason too, it was to help pick you up when you don’t feel strong enough to pick yourself up. I read this book called the “Sun is also a Star” and it was about two teens who fell in love.  The girl was getting deported the day after they met. Fate brought them together and they fell in love. Every time they separated fate brought them back together, because they were meant to be.  That’s how fate works. It brings everybody together with their perfect match. But you decide whether you stay with them or not. You cant run from fate. Fate has his own plans, his own clock, and his own calendar for your life.  He doesn’t care about your plans for tomorrow or what you did yesterday.  You cant run from your fate so don’t try to fight it. Fate will help you find something you never knew you had lost. And what you find will be your destiny.