Ahmed Shaban

Courage it takes a lot to stand up to the fears…The monsters in your head. I don’t have a lot of that, I hate to break down, you will never see me sad. I was told I suffer in silence, that I got no way out but I feel like writing is the key to my vault where I lock everything up. Writing lets me express who I am or who I could be. The world could be mine but I’m not yet fighting to have it.  I was listening to a song but I don’t remember the name, he said pain makes the world slow. Courage fights what’s holding you back. I don’t have a lot of  people to talk to about my problems without saying it’s up to you. The pencil is a weapon that can tell you more things than the mouth ever could. I talked to two great fathers who told me about the struggle; one of them was my father telling me he didn’t have it like that and gave up a lot of opportunities which hurt him. I look in the mirror before school some days maybe everyday and hide it all through a smile. I think  about courage, but I can tell I’m a coward blaming things for my  mistakes. But it takes courage to own to your lie. This class is really where I can think on who I am.