What Does A Student Need?

Eric Shuford

Every student who attends Charles Herbert Flowers must follow the safety precautions by wearing their correct full uniform, and by wearing their Student Identification Badge (ID).
The correct colors of your uniform shirt will depend on your grade, but students regardless of what grade they are in will wear black pants to go with their uniform shirt. The uniform shirt color for the freshmen students is white, the sophomores and juniors share a color, which is green, and the color for the seniors is black.
Along with the correct uniform is your student ID badge. A student requires their ID to be recognized by the staff as a student who attends the school.
Make sure you have the correct uniform as well as your ID badge since some teachers and administrators will check to see if you are following the policy. If you are not, you can get pulled from your class, receive a call home, or even get suspended if you do it consistently.