Flowers' Preschool Holiday Party


Jenye Stanley

Ms. Pea’s 1B and 2B Child Development class hosted a holiday party for this year’s preschoolers and their parents. The children thoroughly enjoyed their time at the holiday party by participating in the activities taken place. At the party, they painted reindeer paper plates and made reindeer headbands with help from their parents and the teen teachers present.
After finishing their fun projects, the preschoolers had their mini Christmas. All gifts given to the children were from the Flowers High School staff and teachers. Initially, Santa was to come and provide the preschoolers with their presents, but this year he could not make it. Instead of Santa, our school Mascot, Jaguar, came and gave the gifts to the kids.
The preschoolers received dolls and trucks and were extremely joyous about their gifts that they immediately started to play with their new toys. After the gift unwrapping, Ms. Pea gave every preschooler a goodie bag of chips and pencils. The teacher also offered treats, like freshly made cookies and brownies, and water to all the parents and teen teachers.