Raven Felder Commits To Averett University!


Terrence Brantley

Senior dual-sport student-athlete, Raven Felder, has announced her commitment to Averett University! Raven is a 4.0 student-athlete playing soccer and lacrosse. She has been paling lacrosse for 5 years before starting taking it serious her sophomore year of high school. She began training with various college players and different talented players around the state. Doing this helped her develop her level of play to that of a college student-athlete. Colleges began reaching out to her, all inquiring about her talents , because they felt she would be a great fit in their respective programs. Raven is going to major in Biology/Sport Medicine and it was imperative that the schools that were recruiting her had this program and had a lacrosse program. 3 schools that met the criteria stood out to Raven : Averett University, Hendrix College, and Mount Aloysius College. Raven decided to attend Averett University. I was able to speak to Raven about her college decision!
Terrence : “Why did you choose Averett University?”
Raven : “I chose Averett University because it was a right fit for me as a student athlete. They understood that academics come first and lacrosse second. After visiting the school, players and coaches they showed me the diversity that the university had and the possibility that it showed”.
Terrence : “What separated the Averett coaches from the rest who were recruiting you?”
Raven : “The coach recruited me very well, persuading me about the opportunities that Averett would bring me. Their level of play is very high for a division 3 team. After attending camp at Averett, the coaches and players loved my style of play and my knowledge for the game. They also showed me that i will be a great aspect on the Averett Women’s Lacrosse Team.But I do want to say, Thank you for all the Coaches that recruited me”
Terrence : “Is there anything else you want to say about your commitment?”
Raven : “Thank you to my family and friends for supporting me through my high school career and accepting my decision to play lacrosse at Averett University. AU23”
We would like to wish Raven goodluck on her commitment and future education! Go Jags!