Jordan Gabriel

Everybody makes mistakes. It’s a part of being human and it’s a part of life. The key is not to let your mistakes make you. The world will try to define your entire existence with just one little mistake. Even if they know you would give your right arm just to take it back you can’t.

Their eyes have been watching you for years and they’ve been secretly waiting for you to mess things up. Now the mistake is engraved into their brains and a target is now stamped on your back forever that they will continually aim at with sharp and painful words. All because you make one mistake, now all the good things you have done don’t matter.

Maybe one day they’ll all realize the only true mistake we can make I’m life is to be too scared of disappointing others than we never make mistakes. No matter what you’ve done you can come back from it. As long as you have learned, changed, and don’t make the same mistakes twice because without mistakes, there are no lessons, without lessons there is no growth, without growth you are doomed to live complacent.