Government Impact

Jakeria Sprigga

The government has been shutdown for the last 7 weeks now and it has really impacted schools, stores, and people who work for the government. This effects me as an individual and as a whole, my mom has 5 kids and she has been on a sick leave since August of 2017 because she had a baby but she was still getting paid because she was working from home for the month of August. She was suppose to go back to work January 8, 2019 but since the government have been shutdown she haven’t been getting paid and now she has to save her money. Luckily my dad works for the part of government that wasn’t shutdown so we’re kinda relying on pay to pay the bills, but food, and paying for the gas because we’re working with one car and it’s 7 members living in the house including me. My dad is doing a great job stepping up and taking care of us, he has a positive attitude towards the situation. He doesn’t show that he’s going through a lot with all the weight being put on him. I attend CHF cheerleading team and with the government being shutdown I’m unable to fully pay my fees. This effects the school because without the government reduce lunch has been disabled which means the certain students who have free lunch can’t no liver have free lunch. One of the reasons students attend school is to eat lunch beachside not knowing what they have going on outside of school, school lunch might be their only meal of the day. Recently an email was sent out varifying that all students are allowed to have free lunch if they fill out an application and is confirmed. The government also effects the grocerie stores because now that the temperature has dropped its harder for framers to grow crops for the stores which means grocery stores are going to go out of stock. With all this composition going on people are going to start doing whatever it takes to provide for them selves and for others.